HONEY STICK coat rack

HONEY STICK represents a new view at the idea of a rack as a piece of furniture. Inspiration in nature, flowers, honey, healthy life, the relief of living space, etc. The idea was to develop an interesting, humorous and practical design, which will stimulate the growth, movement, game, entertainment, etc.
HONEY STICK basically occupies a small space.
HONEY STICK @ Month of Design (Mesec Oblikovanja), Ljubljana, Slovenia
18/10 – 18/11, 2016
Production: MM COMMERCE, Cuprija, Serbia


Baroque have a new form – pendant lamp NEW B.ROK



Product name: pendant lamp NEW B.ROK

Design: Vladimir Paripovic, architect

Studio PARCHITECTS, Belgrade, Serbia

Material: massive wood (beech) and clirite

Bulb: E14 bulb 25W

This 25w bulb produce a brighter light from pendant lamp. Bulb is low profile screw fit.

Cable color: black

Max cable length: 4m

Photo: Orea Creative Media, Novi Sad, Serbia

Year: 2013

The Baroque (US /bəˈrk/ or UK /bəˈrɒk/) is a period of artistic style that used exaggerated motion and clear, easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur in sculpture, painting, architecture, literature, dance and music. The style began around 1600 in Rome, Italy and spread to most of Europe.

Baroque style was rich in ornamental, with lots of decorations. Details in interiors were oversized, lavish and luxurious, so the chandeliers were very dominant in space.

Pendant lamp NEW B.ROK was born from the idea of ​​redesigning baroque chandeliers. The basic concept is based on the redesign of an element from baroque chandeliers, which crosses from the rounded forms to the orthogonal form, where the ornate baroque chandelier went into a concise, clear and attractive pendants.

Pendant lamp have three basic elements:
The first element is a cube of massive beech, dimensions 10x10x10 cm, which also connects bulb throat and cable, and the other two elements are manufactured from 3mm thick clirite, give it a stylish touch and this will be the attention of many people to become one of the ways in decorate your home interior. These parts of the clirite will be offered in various colors.

Pendant lamp is mounted witout bond.



from Sepember 28th to October 2nd, 2011


Studio PARCHITECTS is joining creative forces with Istanbul designer Jelena Stevanovic KAIdesign, presenting you their original works in fields of architecture, fashion and jewellery design.
You are welcome to be a part of this design extravaganza, in a great surrounding of vintage Istanbul!

About IDW2011:

Istanbul Design Week is getting ready for the Old Galata Bridge!
The sixth edition of the Istanbul Design Week, awaited by the International Design World, will take place between 28th September – 02nd October 2011 at the Old Galata Bridge.

Istanbul Design Week, with dDf and Hurriyet as project associations, is preparing for a full program of new projects in design, trend, fashion, science architecture and technology, exhibitions, workshops and conference guests.
By using the Old Galata Bridge, connecting both coasts of the Golden Horn, as the event and the exhibition area, participants and visitors will have a unique experience full of fun and design.

With Istanbul Design Week, the design world will host design exhibitions and designers from all over the world for a week and all eyes of the design world will be on Istanbul.
Istanbul Design Week which will be held at the Old Galata Bridge between 28th September – 02 October 2011, will introduce Turkey and the design culture to the whole world along with the interest of international designers and foreign media.

Vladimir supported THE NEW VIDEO / dj damjan eltech feat. mc sajsi / zar to je onaj svet

Vladimir Paripovic supported the new video for DJ Damjan Elteh feat. MC Sajsi!
Video premiere in May on MTV.

Music: Damjan Eltech
Lyrics and voice: Ivana Rasic (Sajsi MC) & Damjan Eltech
Time: 3: 19

Make up: Irina Markovic
Visual support and stylist for Maria: Vladimir Paripovi, architect
Other stylists: Hana Goldberger, Ana Ado

Director and production: Damjan Eltech


Vladimir Paripovic @ BELGRADE DESIGN WEEK/100% FUTURE SERBIA, and one of 100 designers who will represents mini-project starts from May 23th, 2011 in Belgrade!

BDW’s 100% FUTURE SERBIA segment will be devoted to the promotion of young and talented designers, whose works will be presented in shop windows all over the city center. The main idea is to transfer classical museum exhibitions to the streets of the city and to present them to a wider general audience, not only to those who regularly visit galleries and exhibitions. The exhibition will show 50 authors who will present their works as livesize objects and models. Visitors and passers-by will have a rare opportunity to see the exhibited works during an easy stroll from Kalemegdan to Slavia, while also discovering interesting new locations presenting fresh Serbian design jewels all over the town, following a special map which will be widely distributed.

Vladimir’s mini-project will inlude relations beetwen architecture and fashion!

I will post concept and project very soon!

See You in Belgrade!

Vladimir @ MIKSER 2011

Vladimir Paripovic @ GHOST PROJECT/MIKSER FESTIVAL with new >> FOLDER CHAIR, chair premiere on May 25th, 2011!
Place: Zitomlin/Donji Dorcol/Belgrade

With a goal to increase visibility of young local talents in the field of industrial design, Mikser developed Ghost project – the biggest regional expo of young design talents. One of these projects` main objectives is to bring the attention of the manufacturers, media and the public to our domestic and regional creative potential, and to encourage industries to engage experienced and promising local designers in their business enterprises. GP is competition form


Vladimir Paripovic on 33rd SALON of architecture in Belgrade!

“Cultivate your difference. Do not copy, your difference … I say, do not spend your time looking back. More forward, whatever happens. ”

Charlotte Perriand

At Thursday, 03/24 2011th opened on 33rd Salon of Architecture in Belgrade, the Museum of Applied Arts. The exhibition is devoted to architecture, and every year poses new challenges and reflections on the significance and meaning of architecture around us, as architecture, unmistakably and clearly reflects what the society (not) considered important.

Curator SALON Ljiljana Miletic Abramovic, who opened the exhibition and architecture, she said the following words: “This exhibition, during all these decades, is profiled in a kind and cultural institution. It turned out that the value of the FAIR architecture manifold: he adds, is recorded phenomena, classifies them, interpret them, evaluate and archive. In addition, it brings together architects, be their sense of community, motivate, promote, affirm the values​​, a strong influence on the course of events, to find the identity of the profession and the displacement of architecture with smargina social attention to the place it belongs by nature …. ”

SALON has 33 years of evolving and progressing through an unbroken tradition, keeping it at high standards and values ​​and well-balanced criteria.
Also, SALON affirming quality architecture and architects from home and abroad.

SALON will be open till April 30th, 2011.