46 FOUR SIX coffee&drinks

Interior design: Vladimir Paripovic, architect

Visual identity: Miroslav Pavlovic, graphic designer

Year: 2017

Area: 70 m2

In the heart of Vracar, one of the most beautiful parts of Belgrade, a new non-standard place opened for coffee, cocktail and wine lovers, also with the non-standard name 4/6 FOUR SIX.




HONEY STICK coat rack

HONEY STICK represents a new view at the idea of a rack as a piece of furniture. Inspiration in nature, flowers, honey, healthy life, the relief of living space, etc. The idea was to develop an interesting, humorous and practical design, which will stimulate the growth, movement, game, entertainment, etc.
HONEY STICK basically occupies a small space.
HONEY STICK @ Month of Design (Mesec Oblikovanja), Ljubljana, Slovenia
18/10 – 18/11, 2016
Production: MM COMMERCE, Cuprija, Serbia

GELATO FREDDO / ice cream shop

Object: Gelato Freddo
City/Country: Belgrade, Serbia
Type of interior: ice cream shop
Area: 40 m2
Year of realization: 2014
Authors: Studio Architehna, Belgrade, Serbia
Dejan Milošević, interior designer
Marko Randjelović, architect
Vladimir Paripovic, architect
Visual identity: Vladimir Paripović, architect
Studio Architehna, Belgrade, Serbia
Costume design: Serena Lanji
Photos: Marko Randjelović i Vladimir Paripović
In the heart of Senjak, one of the most beautiful parts of Belgrade, a beautiful Scandinavian story started. The new ice cream shop GELATO FREDDO is opened as a result of successful cooperation between the authors and the client.
GELATO FREDDO Senjak is the first  of the new ice cream shop chain and it brings exclusively Italian taste and aromas to our market.
Total design, from interior design to details, from lighting to the visual identity, is entrusted to the proven team studio ARCHITEHNA from Belgrade, Serbia. These authors are Dejan Milosevic (interior designer), Marko Randjelovic (architect) and Vladimir Paripovic (architect). Client lived in Scandinavia and the idea came from Scandinavian interiors: wood, light space and minimalism. Authors started with the concept using natural wood mixed with colors and lighting.
One space, two zones: working part with the showcases for ice cream and cakes and the seating area. The working part is fitted with the showcases from the latest technologies. Mobile showcases can be moved depending on the season: to the window (summer) or to the indoor (winter). The seating area is one specially designed element as the wall with console massive wood tables. The wall is also lined with massive with designed “sketch” of thin wire, inspired by the Italian urban cityscape.
Icece cream elements and colors are applied through the details of the floor and 4 “custom made” pendants. The floor is made out ​​of the printed vinyl in brown, pink, purple and blue. The printed colored stripes combine the horizontal part with the wall. The basic color of visual identity (logo) is blue and this color is repeated through the one of the dominant pendants which is positioned in the center of the space  above the showcases. These four pendants are highlighted by the four vivid colors.
Interior ceiling made of massive wood goes out to the exterior ceiling and the whole ceiling is filled with the lighting lines.
Aestethics and final fitting are the main characteristics of the interior.

KlopaM mini restaurant / interior

Interior: “KlopaM” mini restaurant

Authors of the project : Vladimir Paripovic , architect
Aleksandar Jovanovic , architect
Area: 120 m2
Store is spread over three levels : basement , ground floor and gallery

City: Belgrade, Serbia
Year of  realization : 2014

Photo: Vladimir Paripovic


“KlopaM” is a mini restaurant and one of the first in a series of extensions that will be opened in the first half of May , in the city center – in Kralja Milana Street, 6.

The existing space is assigned to the gallery , as well as newly designed element . The kitchen is in the basement , and a grill on the ground level in a specially designed “container ” .

M brand is recognized by betting , protective colors (yellow, blue , gray , and black) and market leadership , which were the basis for the beginning of the creation of a new concept .

After almost two months from the first sketches, conceptual design and implementation, we start to created a strong , masculine, unconventional space . The base area is monochromatic ( black and white tone ) , with emphasis on the yellow “container ” of corrugated metal and monolithic blue steel staircase. Recognizable M betting is retained through these two colors , maybe a little more aggressive in this way , but the vision of the authors are in the idea  where is no standardization and stereotypes .

Lighting also plays a key role in developing of design . The white  lamps in the form of rolls and new suspenders are designed for this restaurant with decorative bulbs. Black spot lights provide focus on specific details: 3d logo on the black wall, wallpaper and rope structure.


Details are important in every space. Details can tell you many things about the space. “KlopaM” interior have few main details: yellow “container” with black letters, 3d logo on the wall and structure made by ropes in 2 colors (black, yellow). Net made by ropes next to the blue stairs imitate vertical bareer and present a visual structure. Messages we put on the “container”  have funny note and invited people to come inside and order the food. Mirrors in the corners and on the walls are also important part of the interior, create deeper and  bigger space.


Floor is white epoxy with 50% of glossines. Reflections of the floor  create a new dimension of the space.

The visual effects are something what people see and the quality and taste of the food should keep people to stay.

Maybe we call this interior – heavy industry !


PILE&PRASE / Interior design & visual identity



Interior design: Vladimir Paripovic / PARCHITECTS


Visual identity: Vladimir Paripovic / PARCHITECTS

cover wordpressPhoto: Vladimir Paripovic

Realised: September, 2013

Before / after

Belgrade, Serbia

From the concept to realisation, from idea to final product, I finished the circle. When I gave the name of the grill store (PILE&PRASE), I knew the way to design. I start with the colors: yellow and pink mixed with black and built the space. I used CMYK pallete of colors: 100% K, 100% YELLOW and 50% of magenta.

Concept was based on 2 elements in space: yellow horizontal element and pink vertical element, where these 2 elemets are the bearers of space.

Minimalism, black tiles, inox, mdf, glass, mirrors, light, yellow, pink, food.

© Vladimir Paripovic / PARCHITECTS. All rights reserved.


Baroque have a new form – pendant lamp NEW B.ROK



Product name: pendant lamp NEW B.ROK

Design: Vladimir Paripovic, architect

Studio PARCHITECTS, Belgrade, Serbia

Material: massive wood (beech) and clirite

Bulb: E14 bulb 25W

This 25w bulb produce a brighter light from pendant lamp. Bulb is low profile screw fit.

Cable color: black

Max cable length: 4m

Photo: Orea Creative Media, Novi Sad, Serbia

Year: 2013

The Baroque (US /bəˈrk/ or UK /bəˈrɒk/) is a period of artistic style that used exaggerated motion and clear, easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur in sculpture, painting, architecture, literature, dance and music. The style began around 1600 in Rome, Italy and spread to most of Europe.

Baroque style was rich in ornamental, with lots of decorations. Details in interiors were oversized, lavish and luxurious, so the chandeliers were very dominant in space.

Pendant lamp NEW B.ROK was born from the idea of ​​redesigning baroque chandeliers. The basic concept is based on the redesign of an element from baroque chandeliers, which crosses from the rounded forms to the orthogonal form, where the ornate baroque chandelier went into a concise, clear and attractive pendants.

Pendant lamp have three basic elements:
The first element is a cube of massive beech, dimensions 10x10x10 cm, which also connects bulb throat and cable, and the other two elements are manufactured from 3mm thick clirite, give it a stylish touch and this will be the attention of many people to become one of the ways in decorate your home interior. These parts of the clirite will be offered in various colors.

Pendant lamp is mounted witout bond.