I’m an architect. Born in 1981 in Belgrade, Serbia. Founder and owner of mini design studio PARCHITECTS for architecture and interior design, in 2011.

“The only thing You need is a good idea! And a good team!”-studio PARCHITECTS

I am specialized in architecture, urban planning , interior design and furniture design.

I graduated at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, in 2008. In 3 years of studying (from 2nd to 4th year) I was in class of architect Darko Marusic. He is one of the famouse Serbian architects, with his wife Milenija Marusic. After my degree, I had practice at studio of Darko and Milenija Marusic architects. My graduate project was about sustainable green architecture – smart house for two (2).
Beside architecture, I design multi-functional pieces of furniture. Furniture is flexible intended to be used in small rooms and limited spaces. Intelligent design will offer change to the way we use standard furniture, bringing new logic to daily activities. Users are free to change, rotate the furniture based on their needs, measure or moods …
Multifunctional furniture presents an effective combination of aesthetics and functionality.
My work has always aimed at multifunctionality and comfort, leaving to users of his products to add something that is peculiar to them and their needs. Balancing between fashion and architecture contributes to мy unique approach to design, where I “softens” architecture and materialize, pack and shape fashion.

>>> “I always try to balance between functionality and aesthetics. Interior and design are supposed to serve people who will live in them. I am against interior design, where interior or design is the sole purpose. The trends today are multi functionality and comfort, even though sometimes design features cross the border for the sake of aesthetics, which can be a bad thing. Although, on the other hand, the trend and what’s hot is relative, but of course there are tendencies. I would rather say, the trends are in the form and in structure, not the tendencies.”

My policy for treating each project individually and creating unique features establishes strong working relationships with their clients, contractors and suppliers. I committed to delivering the best value, practical solutions, and design excellence with a high level of professionalism and dedication.

I currently live in Belgrade (Serbia) and work in relations between Belgrade (Serbia) – Budapest (Hungary).


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