studio PARCHITECTS @ 180° Stage / MONTH OF DESIGN LJUBLJANA / photos

Ljubljana, Slovenia
october 13th – november 13th, 2011
The Design Expo

The Design Expo will be showcasing its content in the spaces of the Slovenijales complex on Dunajska street in the center of Ljubljana. With the intertwining stories of the Month of Design, we will transform it into a center of creativity and business opportunities. It will become a unique junction of professions unlike any other in the region. Coming alive with exhibitions, lectures, presentations and events, but also a place of spontaneous informal interactions and random encounters, it will become a space to spawn new unusual collaborations!

The exhibition is divided into six groups:
Design market
Masters and Materials
Generation of Talent

Stage 180

The future is not a consequence of choosing between alternative paths. It is a space we create.
So, what’s next?
And since we’re at it, what is the 180° Stage?
The 180° Stage conference is a series of 3-minute presentations delivered by 50 award-winning designers, groundbreaking enterpreneurs, talented artists, as well as sociologists, writers, inovators… coming together at the Month of Design, to share their insights into contemporary design culture and practice. And their ways of relating to the future.
We challenge them with the question ˝What’s next?˝ and ask them to respond to it with a question of their own.
The results are inspiring, provocative, bold, humorous and eye-opening. They re-think old concepts, challenge established notions or fixed ideas and open new space for thought.
But apart from this mind-jog, the 180° Stage is also a time and place of creative dialogue, exchange of ideas and experiences, a chance for relaxed gathering and making new connections.


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