sustainable architecture, eco-house, vertical living

Author: Vladimir Paripovic, architect / PARHITECTS
Belgrade, Serbia
Design concept

The basic idea – CONCEPT

My basic idea was to make, come up, create a prototype house for the year 2015 …. one of my starting to materialize an idea … give an innovative solution for living … as a possible answer to the lifestyle in the future .. . and the future is tomorrow.
Vertical Living – vertical house … feel free man, and”high”and that they release it to the man lives in vertical … to get rid of the typical cliches of our time … typical house on 2 floors … the concept of vertical houses associated with the desire of man to advance , to create, to build, to strive for the heights … tree – the tree – the branches … support …

I set the new forms of housing, where there are no more typical married couple with two children, working from 8 to 3, the water stable life … in my house lives a married couple, husband and wife, the two … house is just for them because: they are not the typical married couple. They lead a strong company, a tumultuous, difficult, demanding job. They are strong in their work … and creative. Monitor trends in technology development, because they are part of that development. Depend on technological innovation, yet the people, they need an oasis to the humanity keep to themselves.
A house – a world … after a long day, full of meetings, rush, work to work, coordinating with business associates … they need rest, relaxation, relaxing, … they need to be an oasis for them … in their service … an oasis in the form of a smart home that is digitized …
artist – in – residence … home and work … Art and lightness of life … the need of separation from reality …

Coexistence with nature and modern technology, it’s their house … comfort and simplicity … organic form … cleanly and not overburdening … ”pure”architecture
Vertical Living – vertical house … new form of housing, … separated from the ground … comfort … a floor – a feature … perception of space … the point of view … release of tension urban areas, streets, people, … escape from the red-hot asphalt … the place where the city ceases to”breathe”and pulses, their oasis of peace, njiova sphere
house itself connects relations home – work – the nature … combination of physical and information infrastructure … transparency … the introduction of nature into your house and home in the house … adaptation to the environment … reflections … geometric logic of the house … shape and form … cyclical movement of single-organization … … free floors … high level of functionality …
Low – energy house … a combination of environmental efficiency and architectural aesthetics … Solar Energy … solar cells … photo – panels … implementation of the wave into the life of the house … protection of the environment from global warming … optimal control in home lighting. safety and security houses, and other systems …


House as a result of sustainability, environmental values ​​(prices) and relationships with nature … nature (through solar power, wind, rainfall …) the purpose of the house … so obtained energy makes the house alive with digital technology … material for construction must be renewable, friendly, and the amount of energy required to a minimum.

Structure of the house consists of: substructures (secondary), Eger, superstructure, exterior and final elements.
Substructure or ancillary structures are the elements of stainless steel, for tension and concrete, compaction.
Core is a combination of steel and concrete,  with certain steel reinforcement … the stairs and lift … for optimal light distribution across levels of the house.
Superstructure is the skeleton of the house, what he wears, as the core element of the home, stability and efficiency of … protection against earthquakes and strong winds, with the necessary channels for the installation, ventilation and temperature
the exterior membrane of the house … what you wear … superstructure materials are chosen for the house must be optimal for its function (temperature control, ventilation, light transmissions – leakage of light, is transparency) … as well as aesthetics …
house is transparent edifice of structural glass with special features (photochromic glass, thermohromic glass, hybrid glass / polymer, photovoltaic panels …)
membrane of the house (facades”egg”) consists of 127 double-curved panels photovoltaic, in 4 sizes:
s -34
m – 24
l – 34
XL – 35
final elements include all other systems and materials, electrical / telephone wire, elevator, air circulation, cooling / heating, lighting, automation and digitization of that system of disposal of trash
house design conditional on the level seizmic area and strength of wind, and optimization of daylight … circular form home allows you to”bypass”the winds, and its slenderness and verticality gives stability of the ground wave …


New Belgrade (Belgrade, Serbia) or every city wordlwide … tendencies in the expansion of the town across the river … today New Belgrade develops more, it becomes a new business, cultural and social center … placement of houses in different contexts: the natural environment of the urban block and the banks of the river
house is typical … instrumentation … client can choose the color of the house and set out the details, can be selected and the context in which wants to spend their private time … house has location …


house has 10 levels:
Level 1 – garage and technology rooms (46.80 m2)
Level 2 – sauna and swimming pool (36,60 m2)
Level 3 – technical floors and the fire exit to the tower (7.30 m2)
Level 4 – technical floors (7.30 m2)
level 5 – green floors and Gardens (31.00 m2)
Level 6 – kitchen (40.80 m2)
Level 7 – bedroom with private bath (69.30 m2)
Level 8 – the living room and rest (74.30 m2)
Level 9 – study room (69.30 m2)
Level 10 – penthouse (40.80 m2)


house carrying central reinforced concrete Eger, with both sides strengthened greater thickness and beams in one direction and the second bearing plate 6””(of reinforced concrete circular) and a concrete cap on top of the house, to which further connected facade design elements …
largest range is the range of a circular plate at level 8 and is 11.15 m in diameter
core size is 3.6 x3, 6m basically.


bioplastic””or”green”plastics in the interior of the supporting elements (bathroom, kitchen, processing of organic materials,…), …
ceramics: including stone, cement, glass, porcelain, and most are strong and can withstand heat and chemicals (acids, gases, salt, water) … most are good insulators, but some ceramic loses its electrical resistance which makes supersprovodnici when cold (cooled)
Facade colors: green (at the client’s choice and another color)


vertical circulation and distribution functions at the level of … house is designed as a flexible space of six levels: green garden, kitchen, bedroom with private bath, daily rest, study and penthouses … pedestal house has garage – entry into the house .. . entrance, there is also … space for relaxation, swimming pool and sauna, recreation of … technical floors, rooms, installation channels …
green garden on a separate level, horticulture, as a kind of gardening, irrigation, streamed … correlation functions of ground – green garden – kitchen – bathroom, networking installation, the release of the second half of the house, saving more energy … the day respite – a study room – penthouse … with views of the highest levels of the house.


2 layers of glass on the outside of plate 19mm safety glass, composed of resistant glass fiber, polished glass and interior (with filters to reduce the intensity of glass opacity)

hard or soft layers in the process, on the back glass, used to manipulate properties such as the entry of solar radiation, heat transmission, and external tensions
I applied the curved plate safety glass with low-e””layers that reduce the input heat waves reflecting high radiation (because the house for two houses of high-performance, large glass surfaces)
glasses are self-celaning  because they contain and hidrophilic layer, so that the glass mechanically stable and resistant than other types of layers (now in practice in the world has shown that the coating layer is achieved njbolji effect)
These layers are made of composite titanium – dioxide (TiO2), which is occasionally coated with components of the nitrogen in order to create a process which in combination with UV radiation and water cleans the dirt and rinse the glass
large glass surfaces are not only link between bounded and Exterior are already using a good setting here will house realized the greenhouse effect, which enables energy saving … facade does not reflect 100%, but most of the solar cells carried by the energy around the house …
photovoltaic panels have a 12% efficiency, solar panels and and more
create a microclimate in the area …”healthy”stay in the house
house consumes 60 percent less water than usual, because the rainwater and water from washing and bathing is collected for watering plants and flushing toilets.


in a smart house, 3 filter types (gas, water and air) creating a healthier environment … the gas filter to remove carbon – monoxide (CO) and other toxic substances, a water filter to remove pathogenic substances, bacteria, heavy metals and toxic substances, including regulation of pH values​​, and as the last, and most important is the air filter which is of great significance for human health and food.


1. Preliminary part: physically removes large pieces such as sticks and leaves, in order to avoid congestion and damage to equipment., it can be done using a grid
2. primary part: dissolves small pieces and dirt
3. secondary part: remove the invisible organic matter from wastewater in a bioreactor useful microorganisms to begin the process of handling
4. Final part: adding chlorine or under UV light to neutralize the other ingredients and prepare water for human consumption.


simplicity, functionality, logic and credibility of this smart residential houses, pointing out the technological and ecological concept that has always, especially today, is a necessary condition for survival and future
but the source of energy that used to house can discern is the materialization of its principles, structure and formatting.

Copyright 2011  by Vladimir Paripovic / PARCHITECTS



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