TEALAND beauty center

Small space fully used!

Author: Vladimir Paripovic, architect

Place: Belgrade, Serbia

Year: 2008

Area: 50 m2

Clients gave me a hint, that of a small space defined by a pleasant, attractive and relaxing atmosphere for ladies who want their “day” is only their – mini beauty treatments TEALAND. TEALAND a space for beauty, conceived as an enchanting world of ladies who offer activities such as physical therapy, manicure, pedicure, nail extensions, facials, body waxing, massage, anti-cellulite program, hairdressing … Mini beauty center becomes the new mini-space to maximize the experience of all senses and … touch … feel … focus of the body and skin …
In this mini-town beauty from the start is planned for the complete design, from interior design to the logo, designed by graphic elements in space, the choice of color, position, service, design environments, creating a balance in the region in terms forrme, materials, … the choice of music …
The space is designed so that the service intertwined, saturated, but each one has its own “corner”. Hair is part of a separate and designed to be the most attractive part of the space, because it is a service that is most common. Characteristics of this single-center organization, which in certain parts of termination glass screens with purple frames. The Mini Centre exudes a subtle combination of shades of white coffee, chocolate and purple, which is different from most rooms in the town of similar purpose. This interesting and unusual combination of colors makes it different TEALAND Center, and became his trademark.
Beauty Center logo TEALAND the sensual, on the one hand a classic, while the other modern, streamlined, designed to “take”.
The space is “open”, no walls that share services. Hair is part of an intense purple tones accented with a finish. Light-motv space is floral wallpaper, which is set boldly on the turn three wall, and decorated with two corners of hairdressing, and creates a visual balance between the services. The second part consists of three lounges cubic forms, 3 glass screen is framed in a purple frame. Each box makes one service: facial, hair removal and treatment of fatty deposits. Glass separating space are milky white. Are designed to be raised from the ground, as if floating, which is avoided by strict separation of space. Bases oaravana the rounded edges – relaxation element in space. Lights are lowered elegant narrow and long neonke, which is recessed in the boxes, below their level and provide a clear and strong brightness for each box separately, and light transmission through milk glass provides even greater sense of comfort.
The input part consists of a waiting room, with 2 mini chairs specially designed, low table. Also, opposite the entrance is set to stand in one part of the receivers, and the second part of the manik-pedicure, and nail extensions. Each piece of furniture is custom designed and made: shelves, table, chairs, counters, screens, … and all the furniture is painted in delicate shade of white coffee.
A special treat is always saved for the end – and massage room. Located in a separate part of this mini beauty center. Massage room is a separate room. This room is designed so that it feel relaxed and comfortable. Of a professional masseuse, the selection of music and fragrance notes provided a complete pleasure for your body and awakens your senses.
The idea that the beauty center moves through the various mini-environments, reflected in trermanu “my day” which is the union of all services TEALAND center provides. “My Day” is a special treatment for any lady who wants a complete package, all-day stay in the center row, from services to services, in a circle …

Published in: KVART magazine No. 04/05, ENTERIJER magazaine No. 52

Presented at 31st SALON OF ARCHITECTURE 2009 in Museum of Aplied Art, Belgrade, Serbia


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