Video game effect!

Author: Vladimir Paripovic, architect

Architecture team:

Vladimir Paripovic, architect

Nebojsa Gavrilovic, architect

Place: Belgrade, Serbia

Year: 2010

Area: 600 m2

Photo: Rade Kovac

Commercial office COMPUTERLAND is in the business-building “Vetprom” Street Lord Vučića 176 in Belgrade. This famous architectural building designed by renowned architect and professor at Belgrade Faculty of Architecture Milan Lojanica (with P. Krasojević, B. Hajdin, P. and N. Cagić blueberry) back in 1969.
“If the architecture of a time just a mirror image of time, then the future of our architecture directly depends on multiple parts of the life processes that await us.”- architect Milan Lojanica said. In accordance with the new processes, knowledge and trends, in the spirit of modern architecture, inside this building created a new world, the world of computers and modern games that represent a bridge to the future.

The authors had great freedom of the client in designing and creating new office space COMPUTERLAND. In this case, the term “copyright architecture” is justified because there was enough time for the ideas, the design process, opportunities for research and preparation of feasibility studies for a specific problem. Commercial office COMPUTERLAND size is 600m2 area, but in this phase of the furnished interior of 400m2 of floor area. Upon the request of the client, commercial premises contain the following purposes: the main entrance, lobby, rooms for answering machine (information desk), two offices, conference room, “open office” (a big “open” office with 20 employees), for archive room, kitchen , bathroom and toilets (male and female)

Association to computers, games and computer equipment are pulses, graphics, colors, pixels. Pixel … as an integral part of the picture, as an element, was used as the basic idea that runs through the solution and interior design of office space. A pixel is a small square, a small unit, a color … In computer dictionary, pixel as a special mode on the monitor, and depend on the resolution of the monitor, ie the number of pixels resolution batch vertically and horizontally. Thus the pixel as a unit and an element in space, interpreted in terms of horizontal resolution through the floor (layout floor coverings – in a certain number of plate, simulating wood and foliage in the system pixelisation) and dividing. Screen as a monitor as a window view as interpreted in the region as a link (connection) between functions, between conference rooms and “open-office”.

The basic colors are black and white. Black, as part of the color pixels. White as opposite as black, its opposite, as the relationship of these two color used is green. The main entrance to the office space is a portal as a link reality and virtual accented black steel staircase, black door, black vertical wall which transforms into a circular wavy wall at an angle, and that introduces business associates in the area, gradually opening it, where black pixels slowly getting under the contours and becomes green and gray and wavy wall design copyright print “explosion of cubes” creates dynamics with inputs and slowly introduces you to their scattering in the magical world of the finest and best quality computer games and hardware equipment.

Now, the above-mentioned “problem” is actually the current situation that preceded this new interior. The authors were faced with the existing height of the beam of 2.35 m and height of the ribs from the existing 2.70 m The current altitude, and ranges between the pillars are a part of the “limit” the freedom of the projected, but the solution came in the form of partition of the space of the pillar to pillar, like the space to the maximum extent been used up to the ribs, and how the space would not have reduced the amount of beams and the positions below the beams used on glass or transparent wall, which is not lost in the area and is provided on the continuity, flow of space. This is most evident in the formation of (minimum) ceiling, which is characteristic of this area, so what is done in the breadth of space, in continuous strips, each strip is broken at a different place, creating a ceiling effect to play, to moving. The space exudes a strong contrasts of light and shadow, a large number of continuous diffuse lights hidden in the loft niches in the area appear as a continuous strip of light, bringing visitors from the ambient environment. Ceiling is a play of light and shadow, through the breaks, angles of movement and positions. Especially important is the hidden lighting element in the bottom and the top of the circular corrugated wall at an angle, thus achieving the effect of “floating wall in the area.
The existing ceiling in the form of ribs was originally kept in a large office called “open space”. And the “open space and” a view of the little tucked atrium garden, which provides a sufficient amount of daylight and the area is a green area and furnished to the people who live in this area, room was nice and relaxing.
Published in: ARHITEKTON magazine No. 07, ENTERIJER No. 60, KUCA STIL january 2011

Presented at 33rd SALON OF ARCHITECTURE 2011 in Museum of Aplied Art, Belgrade, Serbia

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