new AMC fashion STORE

Attention to all fashion lovers! New AMC fashion store has opened its door!

Autor: Vladimir Paripovic / PARCHITECTS

Wallpaper and detail design: Vladimir Paripovic

Client: Afrodite Mode Collection fashion brand

Year: 2011

Area: 36,50 m2

Photo: Rade Kovac

After a year of negotiations with the heads of fashion houses AMC (Afrodite Mode Collection), there was a concrete agreement. Although AMC is a fashion house more than a decade as on our and on the international market, and in addition to cutting perfect lines and brilliant collection of designer duo copyright in AMC, retail spaces, but did not follow the set standards in collections and cuts.

We have already in 2011, and generally accepted as boutique sales office of a fashion brand is the identity card of the brand. And in the line of standards, all elements should be followed: the design collection – the technical part (development) – for more information. The owners of the fashion brand, as well as the design team, the people gathered around the whole story, is “see” and what is a boutique represent them in public is a custom frame collection, as well as a tool to position the brand in the market. The visual effect is now very important.

Boutique is on the Street Kralj Milan, one of the busiest streets of Belgrade. A good selection of locations at which will be positioned boutique also plays an important role in representing the brand.

The project task was entrusted to me, was to a small area of ​​36m2 made so comfortable, functional. This boutique belongs to the category of small interior (small interiors), in the form of single-organization. Also, it is always a challenge to do a small area, because it takes more time to devote every inch of space to be used properly, always taking into account the balance between aesthetics and functions.

Then, the geometry of space was also the inspiration for the design space. Length of 12m and width of 3 meters, consists of a long narrow space, where the width of the space it represented a small problem, as in the dimension of “extended” hallway to make “something”.

The basic concept of the redesign of this boutique is based on simplicity, comfort and unconventionality. Space is still treated as a single unit, creating a new special “cabin”. Space is treated monochrome, in black and white, with gray tones, creating a neutral background for colorful custom collection of fashion brand AMC. White walls give the space fresh, light reflecting on the lines make the room more elongated because on the one hand, the quality of space in its length. The game of black and white on the ceiling, and drop the black part of the ceiling, got to another effect of elongated room.


In our city there are many spaces that are beautifully designed and made, but a little space to “speak”. The fascinating element that you, or you keep is a detail which it refines and that is the “heart” of space.
I designed an authentic boutique-designed wallpaper and scissor made ​​of black glossy clirite. Large cockpit is located on the main longest wall behind the counter and is inspired by the construction patterns or slices (cut-sheet, the surface on which the material is cut, before sewing …), because the AMC fashion house, have good patterns, models are technically well done,  etc. .. . Small cockpit is located on a narrow wall next to the counter, and the side streets, inspired by the sketches of designers working in the AMC. Scissors are one of clirite specific and subtle element in space, made ​​of black clirite, placed on the counter, over part of wallpaper that is glued on the counter, and a slice of cut-out bases, and scissors are set to simulate the direction of cutting pattern.


Hanger (pendant lighting – mini chandeliers) with milky white glass caps make a romantic tone of the whole area, and represent a secondary lighting, more on an aesthetic level but on functionally, and are positioned so that the depth of space feels at first sight from the street, through the showcase. Number of 11 pieces arranged in a line, points the direction of the room. Mirror placed in front of the first-hanger is an effective expression and creates the effect of hanger “pass” through the wall. thus doubling their number.

And from concept to implementation, it took only four weeks, the client’s wishes and set deadline.

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