Architecture Vs. Fashion

Hi to All,

This is my first post, so… few words about my relations between architecture and fashion.

I am an architect, but… almost 10 years I was into fashion design.

“Fashion vs. Architecture?”  Both because the architecture is still “current”, and fashion, and often asks what is the modern in architecture, or what are the NEW STRUCTURAL details applied in the development of new fashion collection of an author. On the one hand, the architecture is very clear, concrete, rational, perhaps? While fashion is a free, liberated from the constraints, but again with rules … I associate the two applied arts, architecture by “softens” and liberate the mold, and fashion materialize, shape and packing.
What is important when it comes to interior design and furniture design? Are there trends in architecture as there are in fashion? Always difficult balance between functionality and aesthetics, interior design and I need to serve people who will stay in it. I am against interior design where the design or the interior itself. What is the actual date are versatility and comfort, even though sometimes I design exceeds the limit of functionality for the sake of aesthetics, which can be a bad thing. Although, on the other hand, the trend and what’s hot is relative, but of course there are tendencies. Rather, they are in fashion or form structures rather than the direction (or a period – which can be interpreted in a different way of use of the new materials, new forms, or new construction).

Tendency for the architecture, fashion, furniture,  items for everyday use, details, fabrics and interior design can not separate or alone to develop, the increased extent continues. In all areas of the product is only part of a complex whole.  Products to play with the styles of housing, living emotions, dreams and desires. The experiments bring new styles of users. All are in search of new values​​, and desire that the new type of security and the new intense experiences.

I am inspired by people around me, certain situations, a certain song … I think as an architect, an analytical approach to every task, not about anything but the drawing, because drawing is just one phase of the project … I listen to myself, I believe a lot of myself and my intuition, and I try to be in a certain material to provide the maximum of its possibilities … A lot of balances between fashion and architecture. I draw ideas and the one from the other side and implement the project. I love color. Love defined. When something have attitude, strength, …




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