Vladimir Paripovic on 33rd SALON of architecture in Belgrade!

“Cultivate your difference. Do not copy, your difference … I say, do not spend your time looking back. More forward, whatever happens. ”

Charlotte Perriand

At Thursday, 03/24 2011th opened on 33rd Salon of Architecture in Belgrade, the Museum of Applied Arts. The exhibition is devoted to architecture, and every year poses new challenges and reflections on the significance and meaning of architecture around us, as architecture, unmistakably and clearly reflects what the society (not) considered important.

Curator SALON Ljiljana Miletic Abramovic, who opened the exhibition and architecture, she said the following words: “This exhibition, during all these decades, is profiled in a kind and cultural institution. It turned out that the value of the FAIR architecture manifold: he adds, is recorded phenomena, classifies them, interpret them, evaluate and archive. In addition, it brings together architects, be their sense of community, motivate, promote, affirm the values​​, a strong influence on the course of events, to find the identity of the profession and the displacement of architecture with smargina social attention to the place it belongs by nature …. ”

SALON has 33 years of evolving and progressing through an unbroken tradition, keeping it at high standards and values ​​and well-balanced criteria.
Also, SALON affirming quality architecture and architects from home and abroad.

SALON will be open till April 30th, 2011.


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